Mindful Moments: Your Meditation Retreat

Facilitator:Ā KimberleĀ Lowry










1 Hour


Online, Zoom

(Zoom link will be emailed two hours before the event.)

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Are you ready to embark on a journey of tranquility, where you can calm your mind and attune to the radiant energy within? Join Kimberle in a transformative guided meditation that allows you a sense of serenity for your mind and activation for your light body.

What is activation for your light body? Your light body is essentially your inner light or higher self that lives in your human body. Activating your light body is a process of which we intend to align to our light body and return to our truest self. This process is done through attuning or energy key codes. In a guided meditation we use the collective energy to awaken our light bodies.

Why activate or connect to your light body? Activating your light body awakens your intuition and allows you to connect to your higher self which then allows you to integrate your intuition into every aspect of your human self.

How often can I participate in this type of meditation? You could literally do it every single day if you chose to. It's crucial to recognize that, despite having an activated light body and heightened intuition, we are still grounded in the realities of the human world. Engaging in the energy of elevated vibrational frequencies can serve to amplify your capabilities and bring about a profound sense of peace.

All sessions are one-hour long and utilize Zoom technology. Meditation attuning process is typically 40 minutes long.

Space is limited. If you register for the event but will not be able to attend, please kindly cancel your registration ticket so that another person may join.

We request participants be in a quiet space where they can be present and on webcam.

Please be on time. Doors will close at :05 minutes past the hour.


AboutĀ Kimberle

Kimberle Lowry is not just a medium; she is a passionate advocate for guiding others on their spiritual journeys. Her extensive experience has honed a deep understanding of the metaphysical. She is dedicated to helping individuals awaken and embrace their own latent gifts. Whether itā€™s through one-on-one sessions, workshops, or public speaking engagements, Kimberle is committed to creating a supportive space for others to discover and nurture their intuitive abilities.

Kimberle Lowry

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